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Pete Kantor has been found and alive as well
Letter from "ROD" a really olde dude known too all as Pete Kantor aboard S/V Tsaritsa

The miracle of modern communications permits me to send a message to you with a time lapse about that of whale ship correspondence; i.e., a little better than a year. In reflecting on you and I, your superiority in chess, ugly feet, and a voice about 20db over the threshold of pain, is duly acknowledged. Other than that, your Christmas message was appreciated. S/V Tsaritsa is currently in Ensenada, Mexico, preparing for another trip south, this time to La Paz and the Gulf. Return to Ensenada is scheduled for some time in early June, 2006. San Diego was abandoned as a home port about a year ago, as being beyond my means. We enjoy Mexico (they think we are rich)and will no longer reside in the USA. It may be a great place to visit but unaffordable financially and unbearable with the present government. I do miss Friday Harbor and British Columbia but three months a year of sunshine is a bit less than I care for. Besides, I'll be 80 fucking years old this August. Do I really want to spend my declining years accelerating the declination, through the medium of shrieking gales, rain in horizontal sheets, and temperatures such that a 40 degree day is considered spring-like? I am in occasional contact with the owner of a sister ship to Tsaritsa. They circumnavigated, taking 13 years to do so and feel that they should not have rushed so. In fact, you may have heard of them, or their boat, the "Mary T". Mary T survived the infamous Queen's Birthday storm of 1996 which hit between New Zealand and Fiji. Several boats and crews were lost in that blow. And now to a request: Jack McDaniel called me some time ago. I was going to call him back and lost the fucking number. If you got, gimme it. Or else, if you contact him, tell him I'm still doing the same cheesy-assed, go nowhere, do nuttin gig. Here is a joke:::An Aussie (or New Zealander) walks into his house carrying a large sheep and announces, "Here's the pig I occasionally have sex with." His wife looks at him and says, "That's not a pig, you simple sot, it's a sheep!" He responds,"I was not talking to you."message in your response. Messages are sent over avery low-speed radio link.Pete Kantor S/V TsaritaThe most concise way to reply is to send a NEW messageto: "pete" <wdc3884@sailmail.com>

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