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Chris Kirk is back and in Jolly Olde England. Wedding bliss is over.
News from the Sub Boy

Hey Frank

You must be online right now - better get one back while the 'puter is

Firstly....Lee says 'where's her reply to the email she sent you you
slack cunt'......??? and where's our expensive wedding present??


I've been back in London for 2.5 weeks....cold and miserable as the
poms with the odd blue-sky day thrown in for good measure...nice to be
back with the girl - but a bummer to leave the 31C and warm sea in NZ. I
am going through the usual homesick withdrawls...and missing my own
space - but that's married life I guess....
Fuckin great to cruise in here with my new spouse visa...wahoo -
unlimited entries for the next 2 years then full passport...

We just spent 4 days in Southern Portugal - (a wedding gift from Anna -
Lee's best friend) - right on the western tip of the Algarve (look it
up) which is a truly amazing piece of coastline. Huge sea cliffs
interspersed with golden sand beaches and azure coloured sea. Was a
motherfucker of a system out to sea bringing enormous waves to the coast but the
sea wasn't too cold...Nice weather and considerably warmer than London.
That part of the coast (Sagres - west of Lagos) is not very populated
compared to the main Algarve strip to the east between the Spanish
border - (which is where lots of Brits holiday.....yuuuck)...and really it
is mainly surfers and campervans there. Great fish meals though not
cheap as is the case with most of the EU...but it's way more expensive than

There are some good marinas and fishing ports along that coast to hide
from the Atlantic including the port at Sagres which is a working
fishing port.

Looks like work will be busy this year and I will be grabbing weeks for
holidays as they occur - so expect me a couple of times out there this
season for a couple of single weeks.
Lee is tighter with the time off and will manage 1 week at some point -
and Sept could be good for her especially if slacko's Wocka and Stef
get their shit together and get to Turkey...but nothing is set in stone
and we look forward to spending some great days out there with ya...

Really looking forward to getting on the mission with you via the Greek
isles etc. Should definitely drop into Samos and sail into the great
sunken caldera of Santorini. Lesbos sounds like a lovely place too (known
as the center of the LESBIAN universe AND has hot springs) hee
hee....over in the western past of Greece is Kefalonia (where film 'Captain
Correllis Mandolin' was shot) but the thing to note is that all the Greek
isles get HUGELY crowded and busy during the July/August/early Sept

Are you still thinking of poking your nose around into the Adriatic????
or is that next season?

I still haven't done any research on regattas but will....

When do you fly into London?? Best you plan a night or two staying with
us on your way to Turkey eh???

ok my man...

aroha and write back tout suite....

ck and L

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