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"Anchovies are Us"
Arn't they lovely?

"Anchovies are Us"

Hi all Cheers for the communication and wish's etc from those that took the time to reply....apologies for not replying individually.....To those that didn't know or didn't believe it could happen - the Pictures tell another story...... Yes I'm still somewhat bemused by our heady actions...trying not to Think about it too much - I'm getting on with the big M.... Big M was great...nice day with a perfect number of folks there....lovelybeach and a 75yrs young celebrant whom got twisted on vodka jellies later on and we had to have the pregnant girls drive home.... :-)Excessive amounts of fab kai moana and good booze...it really was agastronomic frenzy....esp. as it included freshly caught paua that had been gathered by us snorkling that morning .... Lee returned to UK on 11th after spending a busy 18days touring a little of NZ. Apologies if we didn't manage to visit - time was short and we had an agenda to see as much as possible within the shortest amount of time to tempt Lee to come and live here in the future. Our plans changed daily due to the time constraints. Hired a yacht in the Marlborough Sounds for 4 days and got trashed bysome extreme NW winds so hid in a bay and drank and fished - all good stuff. Finished off the tour with another 4 days of yoga, fishing and relaxation back at the place where we had our ceremony - Onemana on the Corommandel Peninsula. Not sure when i'm returning to poverty rock....have quite a bit of stuff to accomplish here in NZ - however the call of one's partner (and her birthday on 29 Jan) may end up over-riding my own selfish endeavours to administrate my life and property. Work doesn't start properly in Nrth Hemisphere for me until April-ish so some room to move. I'm currently back in Taranaki - surfing, biking, fishing and enjoying the warm air and ocean, the thought of returning to freezing temperatures of the Nrth Hemisphere does little to excite - however Lee and I have some great Euro and International trips planned - beginning with a trip to Sth Portugal in early Feb, to visit Lee's best friend who's paying for our trip as a Wedding present. I should be back in UK by early February - spot you here, there or somewhere....We have a nice house and a spare room and live close to Gatwick so noexcuse to not look us up if you're flying into the UK via that airport. Home ph: +44 208 4056640My UK mob: +44 7789 568848 UK address: 58 Cobden Rd Woodside London SE25 5NX Have a great year peace y'allarohack

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